2024 Black History Month: African Americans and the Arts


By: CCC Alexus Hunter | Feb 9, 2024

Clarksdale, Mississippi – Coahoma Community College is proud to announce its exciting lineup of events for the 2024 Black History Month, celebrating the rich heritage and contributions of African Americans to society. The theme for this year’s festivities is “African Americans and the Arts,” recognizing the profound impact of black individuals on various art forms throughout history.

Unveiling the Narrative: Open Mic Night

**Date:** February 7th  

**Time:** 6:00 PM  

**Location:** GLT

To kick off the celebration, Coahoma Community College invites everyone to participate in the “Unveiling the Narrative: Open Mic Night.” This event provides a platform for students, faculty, and the community to share their voices and artistic expressions. Whether it’s poetry, spoken word, or musical performances, the open mic night promises to be a night of inspiration and creativity.

Black Jeopardy: A Fun Exploration of Black History

**Date:** February 16th  

**Time:** 10:10 AM  

**Location:** Whiteside Hall

For a unique and entertaining approach to learning about black history, join the “Black Jeopardy” event. This interactive game will test participants’ knowledge of African American history in a fun and engaging way. It’s an opportunity to celebrate achievements, learn about significant milestones, and foster a sense of community through friendly competition.

Unbought: The Lyceum Committee’s Thought-Provoking Presentation

**Date:** February 21st  

**Time:** 10:15 AM  

**Location:** GLT  

**Title:** Unbought

The Lyceum Committee presents “Unbought,” a thought-provoking presentation exploring the struggles, triumphs, and resilience of African Americans throughout history. This event aims to educate and inspire attendees, encouraging reflection on the past while fostering a commitment to building a more inclusive future.

I AM the Culture: Panel Discussion on Hip Hop’s Impact

**Date:** February 20th  

**Time:** 11:00 AM  

**Location:** Whiteside Hall

Dive into the vibrant world of Hip Hop and its profound impact on the community. The panel discussion, “I AM the Culture,” explores the roots of Hip Hop, its evolution, and its role in shaping cultural identity. This engaging conversation aims to highlight the significance of Hip Hop as an art form that reflects the experiences, struggles, and aspirations of African Americans.

2024 Black History Month Convocation: A Grand Finale

**Date:** February 29th  

**Time:** 10:00 AM  

**Location:** Pinnacle

As the grand finale of the month-long celebration, Coahoma Community College invites everyone to the 2024 Black History Month Convocation. This event will feature a celebration of African American culture. This serves as a moment of reflection, appreciation, and inspiration for the entire community.

In celebrating African Americans and the arts, Coahoma Community College’s Black History Month festivities aim to foster a greater understanding of the profound impact black individuals have had on various artistic endeavors. Through open dialogue, interactive activities, and cultural celebrations, the events strive to create an inclusive space for learning, appreciation, and community engagement.



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