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    By John Ruskey

    Saturday, March 18th, Community Canoe Daytrip Adventure 1-5pm, meet at Quapaw Canoe Company in downtown Clarksdale. 

    Community Canoe Daytrip: flooded forest exploration, bird-watching, sketching, writing, maybe some music? All the good things in life we bring them to life on our big river adventures. And this one is for you, good people, our monthly community canoe, which is designed in partnership with the Lower Mississippi River Foundation, especially tailored for kids, and anyone who has never tasted the wild beauty of the big beautiful river! Meet 1pm at Quapaw Canoe Company in downtown Clarksdale, MS. Dress warmly! Pack your favorite hot beverage in a thermos. It will be a breezy cold day, mostly sunny, high of 51, NNW wind 10-15 mph. Back to land by 5pm. Special opportunity for those who have never paddled on the Mississippi River! Songbird extravaganza. We will be paddling through flooded forests, at the canopy level where birds are normally flying! Free for youth under 18. 1/4 price for educators ($25). 1/2 price for adults $50). Reservations required! Please go to automatic online signup for making reservation.

    Island 62 Mississippi River Adventure

    The Island 62 Adventure is a roundtrip voyageur canoe paddle on the biggest river in North America, the Mighty Mississippi, involving a tour of an archipelago of Mississippi River Islands with big beaches, swim holes, birds, turtles, and other wildlife. This round trip paddle affords an incredible variety of giant sandbars, wetlands, gravel/fossil bars, deep willow forests, and miles of beaches to swim from or walk along. So — a little bit of everything!

    Meet: 1pm
    Quapaw Canoe Company
    291 Sunflower Avenue
    Clarksdale, MS  38614
    Follow us to river
    Start: 2pm Quapaw Landing
    Explore Flooded Forests by Canoe
    Make landing wherever possible
    End: 5pm Quapaw Landing (could be later if you want to stay out longer)
    Pack in Daypack or Drybag:
    Each person should pack:
    -your favorite hot beverage in a thermos
    -sun protection
    -bug protection
    -shoes that can get muddy and wet (or go barefoot)
    -cell phone
    -bird book
    -swim gear
    Pack any electronics in dry bag, dry box, or zip lock bags
    Dress for weather. It will be a cold breezy day, Wear shoes that can get muddy and wet (or go barefoot). 
    Call me 662-902-7841 if you’d prefer to talk!  Sincerely yours in service of the big river,
    John Ruskey
    Quapaw Canoe Company
    291 Sunflower Avenue
    Clarksdale, MS  38614

    Made possible through a partnership with the Lower Mississippi River Foundation. Dedicated to fostering long-term stewardship of the big river through its youth.

    For more river time, please contact Quapaw Canoe Company at info@island63.com. Go to island63.com for photos, trip ideas, and what to expect for your Big River adventure!

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