Armed robbery, auto burglary hearings held in Clarksdale Municipal Court



By Josh Troy
Clarksdale Advocate

Felony hearings for robbery and burglary took place in front of Judge Derek Hopson at Clarksdale Municipal Court on Thursday afternoon.

Altrez Logan, 23, was charged with armed robbery, and his bond was reduced from $150,000 to $25,000 during his preliminary hearing.

Takaiyah Johnson, 28, was charged with malicious mischief for auto burglary, and her bond was set at $2,500 during her initial hearing. She was accused of damaging a vehicle. It was believed that Johnson had issues with an employee at the Walmart in Clarksdale. Hopson ruled that she has to stay away from Clarksdale Walmart and the alleged victim.

Three misdemeanor hearings also took place.

Melinda Gilbert, 58, pled guilty to shoplifting. She will be able to make payments for what she shoplifted. Hopson changed the charge of the crime from a felony to a misdemeanor. As a result, Gilbert does not have to spend any more time in jail and can make payments. Gilbert will also have a hearing on a false pretense charge for writing bad checks to Sandra Lindsey on July 27. Hopson said Gilbert cannot have any contact with Lindsey. “The only thing she wants you to do is stay away from her,” Hopson said.

Anthony Williams, 57, was charged with his second offense of shoplifting and owes $3,462.95 in past due fines going back 30 years. Since he is a drug addict and could be a flight risk, he has to stay in jail. “That’s another reason to hold him, too,” Hopson said. “He’s going to hurt himself and hurt others.” Williams’ hearing is scheduled for next Thursday.

Edward Brown, 32, was charged with domestic violence and has to attend anger management counseling.

There were 62 cases with 32 defendants in court on Thursday. Bill Gresham is the City of Clarksdale’s prosecuting attorney.


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