Celebrating Excellence: CMSD Community Engagement Council Rewards Kirkpatrick Elementary’s 4th Grade Class for Perfect Attendance


In a heartwarming acknowledgment of dedication and commitment, the Clarksdale Municipal School District (CMSD) Community Engagement Council recently honored Mrs. Simpson’s 4th-grade class at Kirkpatrick Elementary for achieving perfect attendance for an entire month. This recognition not only applauds the students’ commitment but also underscores the Council’s vital role in advancing scholar outcomes within the school district.

The CMSD Community Engagement Council has established itself as a cornerstone of support for the local school district, providing valuable opportunities to enhance the educational experience for scholars. Through collaborative efforts, this group actively contributes to creating an environment conducive to academic success.

Perfect attendance is a commendable achievement, showcasing not only the dedication of the students but also the collaborative efforts of the school, teachers, and parents. It reflects the spirit of unity and commitment to education – values that lie at the core of the #TheWildcatWay.

Mrs. Simpson’s 4th-grade class emerged as a shining examples of regular attendance, a key factor in fostering a culture of learning and achievement. To celebrate this noteworthy accomplishment, the Council generously awarded each scholar with gift cards, a tangible token of appreciation for their commitment to attending school consistently.

“We appreciate their support,” expressed the school administration, acknowledging the significant impact of the CMSD Community Engagement Council’s involvement. The collaboration between the school and the Council exemplifies the essence of community engagement – working together to create positive educational experiences for students.

As we applaud the achievements of Mrs. Simpson’s 4th-grade class, let this moment inspire others within the school and the community. The CMSD Community Engagement Council’s support highlights the importance of collective efforts in shaping the future of education. By fostering a sense of community and shared responsibility, we can continue to nurture an environment where students thrive academically.

In celebrating this milestone, Kirkpatrick Elementary School and the CMSD Community Engagement Council exemplify the spirit of collaboration, demonstrating that when a community comes together, it can truly make a difference in the lives of its scholars. #TheWildcatWay continues to guide the way forward, reminding us all of the tremendous impact achievable through unity and support in education.



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