Century Funeral Home Celebrates 100th Year with Grand Opening of New Facility


By: Tom Williams | July 2, 2024

Clarksdale, Mississippi – In a heartwarming celebration, Century Funeral Home marked its 100th year of service with the grand opening of its new facility. The event, orchestrated by Chuck Espy and his wife, Lynn Espy, drew a significant crowd from the community, highlighting the enduring bond between the funeral home and the residents it serves.

The celebration, held yesterday, featured a ribbon-cutting ceremony led by Henry Espy. Rev. Tyler opened the event with an invocation, setting a tone of gratitude and reverence. Prominent community figures, including city commissioners Willie Turner and Bo Plunk, attended the event, underscoring the funeral home’s importance to the area.

A notable highlight of the day was Tawana Roberts owner of B and J Auto Sales, who generously gave away a free car. The lucky recipient was Juanita Pointer, adding a touch of excitement to the festivities.

Chris Davis, the builder of the new funeral home, was present to witness the community’s appreciation for his work. County Clerk Demetria Jackson also attended, further emphasizing the local support for the Espy family’s milestone.

The event featured a variety of gifts, making the day even more memorable for attendees. Ben Minnifield from Jackson, MS, served as the host, ensuring the event ran smoothly and engagingly.

Adding to the day’s significance, former Governor Haley Barbour sent a video message congratulating Chuck Espy and his family on their new facility. His message highlighted the broader recognition of Century Funeral Home’s century-long dedication to the community.

The grand opening of the new building marks a significant chapter in the history of Century Funeral Home, reflecting both its storied past and its bright future. Congratulations to the Espy family on their remarkable achievement and ongoing commitment to serving the community with compassion and care.

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