City Chaplain Givins organizes community prayer at Northwest Mississippi Regional Medical Center


By Josh Troy, Clarksdale Advocate

City of Clarksdale Chaplain John Givins organized a community prayer in front of Northwest Mississippi Regional Medical Center on Saturday morning.

The community prayer, led by Givins and joined by more than 10 local citizens and a representative from the Clarksdale Police Department, was in response to the financial and other hardships the hospital has faced.

“What we’re doing this morning is coming together, praying for the finances of the hospital, praying for the patients of the hospital, and that, as a whole, the hospital will be able to take care of the needs of the citizens of this area and surrounding areas,” said Givins, who is also the pastor of Pleasant Valley Baptist Church. “A group of people came together, along with the Clarksdale Police Department.”

Givins said the group prayed for the hospital to have the finances it needs and for crime to decrease in the community. He added that he would be arranging to purchase holiday gifts for the staff at the hospital.

The Coahoma County Board of Supervisors agreed to buy out the lease from Delta Health Systems and have Coahoma County run its own hospital. The County began overseeing the hospital on May 1 and has been in a transition period. Bowen Flowers is the chair of the Northwest Mississippi Regional Medical Center board. Lela Keys, Tripp Hayes, Donell Harrell, and Alan Byrd are the other hospital board members.

A press conference about some of the issues the hospital was facing was held on Nov. 6. Lorie Till was announced as the new CEO at the event.

Givins said he agreed with the decision for Coahoma County to run its own hospital. “As we look at it, this area, we need a hospital,” he said. “The closest hospital is in Cleveland, and the next hospital is in Memphis. We need this hospital, and that’s why we came together this morning to pray.”


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