Clarksdale High School Choir Seeks Community Support in Nationwide TikTok Contest


In a bid to showcase their talent and win much-needed funds, the Clarksdale High School choir has entered a Nationwide jingle contest on TikTok. The stakes are high, with the top 5 schools accumulating the most likes standing to win a significant prize of $5,000.

This competition serves as an exciting opportunity for the talented Clarksdale High School choir to gain recognition on a broader scale. TikTok, known for its viral trends and engaging content, provides a platform for the choir to share their musical prowess with a diverse audience.

As the contest heavily relies on community engagement, the Clarksdale community plays a pivotal role in supporting the choir’s endeavor. By simply liking the choir’s video entry on TikTok, community members can contribute to the school’s chance of securing the $5,000 prize.

Participating in such contests not only showcases the artistic abilities of the students but also highlights the importance of community involvement in nurturing and promoting local talent. It’s an opportunity for the Clarksdale community to rally together, leveraging the power of social media to propel the high school choir to success.

For those eager to support the Clarksdale High School choir, all it takes is a few clicks. By liking and sharing the choir’s TikTok video, community members can help boost its visibility and increase the chances of securing a spot among the top 5 schools.

The Contest ends on December 13th.


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