Clarksdale’s Public Works Department Ensures a Clean Christmas Celebration


Tis the season of joy and giving, and the City of Clarksdale’s Public Works Department is playing its part to ensure a clean and festive holiday season for all residents. Chief R. Linky and the dedicated team have strategically placed roll-away dumpsters at various locations, providing a convenient and responsible solution for Christmas trash disposal.

Here are the designated locations where residents can find these roll-away dumpsters:

  1. Nosef Park
  2. Sasse Park
  3. Anderson Park
  4. Soldier’s Field

The initiative is a thoughtful gesture to make it easier for residents to dispose of their Christmas trash properly. By strategically placing dumpsters in popular public areas, the Public Works Department aims to encourage everyone to contribute to a cleaner and more beautiful Clarksdale during the holiday season.

Merry Christmas rings out as a sincere wish from the City of Clarksdale, acknowledging the importance of community collaboration in maintaining a clean and vibrant environment. The roll-away dumpsters serve as a practical solution to manage the additional waste generated during the holiday festivities.

Residents are urged to take advantage of these conveniently placed dumpsters and dispose of their Christmas waste responsibly. Whether it’s wrapping paper, packaging, or other festive remnants, the dumpsters are there to accommodate the community’s needs.

Chief R. Linky expresses gratitude to the residents for their cooperation and commitment to keeping Clarksdale clean. The success of such initiatives relies on the community’s collective effort, and the Public Works Department appreciates everyone’s role in ensuring a tidy and enjoyable environment for all.

As the holiday spirit fills the air, let us also embrace the responsibility of maintaining our city’s beauty. The thoughtful placement of roll-away dumpsters by the City of Clarksdale’s Public Works Department exemplifies a commitment to community well-being and environmental consciousness. Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and a cleaner, greener New Year!


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