Coahoma County School District (CCSD) All-Star Basketball Game Celebrates Youth Talent and Sportsmanship


By Tom Williams | March 11, 2024

Clarksdale, Mississippi – The Coahoma County School District recently hosted its highly anticipated Elementary All-Star Basketball Game, showcasing its young athletes’ remarkable talent and sportsmanship. With spirited competition from Friars Point Elementary School (FPES), Jones Town Elementary School (JES), and Lyon Elementary School (LES), the event was a testament to the dedication and skill within the district.

In an impressive display of teamwork and determination, Lyon Elementary emerged as the overall champion, securing first place in both the girls’ and boys’ divisions. Jones Town Elementary claimed the second-place honors, while Friars Point Elementary earned a commendable third place.

Highlighting individual excellence on the court, C. Norwood was named the Girls’ MVP, while R. Norwood was recognized as the Boys’ MVP. Their exceptional skills and contributions to their respective teams were showcased.

Moreover, the CCSD took pride in acknowledging outstanding sportsmanship, with L. Brooks and J. Washington received accolades for their exemplary conduct and positive attitude throughout the tournament.

In addition to athletic prowess, the district celebrated academic achievement by recognizing scholar-athletes. T. Williams from FPES, M. Brown from LES, and C. George from JES were commended for their dedication to their studies and athletic endeavors, serving as role models for their peers.

The inaugural CCSD Elementary All-Star Free Throw and Slam Dunk contests added to the excitement of the day. Averyon Smith emerged victorious in the Free Throw Contest, while Rodrick Norwood thrilled the crowd with his impressive dunking skills to claim the Slam Dunk title.

The event also provided an opportunity to honor two esteemed athletes by retiring their jerseys. Harlem Bell, a three-time State Champion, had his number 8 jersey retired at Jonestown Elementary, ensuring that his legacy will endure for generations to come. Similarly, Rambo Richey’s number 6 jersey was retired at Jonestown Elementary, symbolizing his indelible mark on the basketball program.

Amidst the thrilling basketball action, the CCSD all-star cheerleaders captivated the audience with their spirited routines, adding to the electric atmosphere of the event. The overwhelming turnout demonstrated the community’s unwavering support for its youth, fostering a sense of pride and unity within the district.

The CCSD All-Star Basketball Game was a showcase of athletic prowess and a celebration of sportsmanship, academic achievement, and community spirit. As these young athletes continue to excel both on and off the court, they embody the values of determination, teamwork, and excellence that define the Coahoma County School District.


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