‎Dañado (Deluxe) by Ivan Cornejo on Apple Music



    In 2021, Ivan Cornejo helped to define the so-called “sad sierreño” sound of música mexicana with the spare and sobering Alma Vacía and its viral single “Está Dañada.” To not be confused along with his similarly titled breakout single, Dañado opener “Está Dañado” is an altogether different albeit complementary song that seems to proceed the story, or at the least its dour sentiments.

    Though only seven songs long, this follow-up largely carries on its predecessor’s milieu of injury and heartache, buoyed by his echo-laden voice, which perfectly captures our collective and individual sense of romantic loss. Plaintive piano joins his raw requinto and tortured vocal on “J.,” a tribute and ill-fated plea for a lover who won’t return, while the Eslabon Armado collaboration “La Curiosidad” shrewdly references his aforementioned hit to further a more optimistic narrative.

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