Deric Crump: A Well-Rounded and Accomplished High School Student


BY: CA Staff Writer | May 31, 2024

Clarksdale, Mississippi—Deric Crump, a student of Clarksdale High School (CHS), is a testament to the epitome of a well-rounded and accomplished individual. Throughout his high school years, he has demonstrated significant success across various domains, excelling in academics, extracurricular activities, and community involvement.

Cheerleading emerged as one of Deric’s primary passions during his time in high school. Despite joining the team as a senior, he swiftly ascended to become one of its top members. His dedication and talent contributed to the team’s consistent delivery of outstanding performances at football and basketball games.

Beyond cheerleading, Deric harbored a deep love for music, particularly showcasing his skills as a cymbal player in the school band. Throughout his high school tenure, he remained an integral part of the marching band, garnering recognition for his musical prowess. In his final year, Deric’s talents were acknowledged as he was appointed as the section leader, earning numerous awards and accolades for his contributions.

Moreover, Deric exhibited a strong commitment to community service through his involvement in the Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps (JROTC). Demonstrating exemplary leadership skills, he was appointed as the Battalion XO in his junior year. Deric made a meaningful impact beyond the school’s confines by engaging in various community service initiatives, including volunteering and organizing fundraisers for charitable causes.

Despite his extensive extracurricular engagements, Deric maintained an outstanding academic record. He consistently challenged himself by enrolling in advanced placement and honors courses, showcasing his unwavering determination to excel academically.

Deric’s multifaceted talents extended beyond school activities, encompassing his dedication as an athlete. His leadership acumen transcended the school environment, as evidenced by his selection to attend leadership conferences and workshops. These experiences equipped him with invaluable skills that facilitated his success across all facets of life.

In summary, Deric Crump’s high school journey has been marked by remarkable achievements in cheerleading, music, JROTC, academics, and athletics. His unwavering dedication, hard work, and positive attitude have made him an exemplary student and a source of inspiration for his peers. As he embarks on his future endeavors, we harbor no doubt that Deric will continue to achieve greatness.

Congratulations, Deric, CHS Class of 2024, from the Clarksdale Advocate. May your future endeavors be adorned with nothing but resounding success!

Photo Credit: Deric FB Page

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