Exploring Science at George H. Oliver School


PreK scholars at George H. Oliver School, part of the Clarksdale Municipal School District, embarked on an exciting journey into the world of science during their inaugural week. The young students delved into the realms of germination and seed terminology, guided by the captivating book “Farmer John.”

Throughout the week, the eager learners immersed themselves in the wonders of science, exploring the intricate process of germination. The hands-on experience allowed them to witness the magic of seeds sprouting to life, fostering a deep understanding of the fundamental concepts underlying plant growth.

As the pages of “Farmer John” unfolded, students not only absorbed the knowledge of germination but also familiarized themselves with essential seed terminology. The engaging lessons provided a foundation for their scientific exploration, empowering these budding scholars with the vocabulary necessary to articulate their newfound understanding.

The commitment of George H. Oliver School to early science education was evident in the enthusiasm radiating from the PreK scholars. The interactive approach not only made learning enjoyable but also laid the groundwork for a continued exploration of the wonders of the natural world.

The first week of science at George H. Oliver School marked the commencement of a stimulating educational journey, igniting the curiosity and imagination of these young minds. With “Farmer John” as their guide, the PreK scholars are poised to cultivate a lifelong love for science, fostering a foundation for future learning and discovery.


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