FPES Expresses Gratitude to Superintendent Young and Assistant Superintendent Gooden During Superintendent’s Appreciation Week 2023


In a heartwarming display of appreciation, the community at FPES (Friars Point Elementary School) came together to celebrate Superintendent’s Appreciation Week 2023, extending their heartfelt thanks to Superintendent Young and Assistant Superintendent Gooden.

The week-long festivities kicked off with students, teachers, and staff expressing their admiration for the dedicated leaders who play a pivotal role in shaping the educational landscape at FPES. Classrooms were adorned with creative banners and decorations, showcasing messages of gratitude and admiration for Superintendent Young and Assistant Superintendent Gooden.

As a token of their appreciation, FPES organized a special event where students presented handmade cards, expressing their gratitude for the leadership duo’s commitment to the school’s success. The atmosphere was filled with joy and appreciation as each card represented the collective sentiment of the FPES community.

Superintendent’s Appreciation Week at FPES wasn’t just an opportunity for students and parents to express their gratitude; it also served as a reminder of the strong sense of community within the school. The week’s activities fostered a spirit of unity and camaraderie, reinforcing the belief that collaborative efforts contribute significantly to the success of educational institutions.

The celebration at FPES not only recognized the hard work and dedication of Superintendent Young and Assistant Superintendent Gooden but also served as an inspiring example of how a school community can come together to express gratitude and strengthen the bonds that make education a collaborative and rewarding experience.



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