Literacy in Action: CCSD Literacy Event at the Field


BY Tom Williams | May 21, 2024

Clarksdale, Mississippi – The Coahoma County School District (CCSD) recently hosted a successful literacy event at the field, uniting students, teachers, and community members in a shared commitment to reading and learning. Friars Point Elementary, Jonestown Elementary School, and Lyon Elementary School participated, with Lyon Elementary setting up inviting tents to create a comfortable space for children to enjoy their books.

The event’s atmosphere was filled with excitement as children relaxed on blankets, deeply engrossed in their favorite stories. This engaging scene highlighted the event’s success in nurturing a love for reading among the young attendees. CCSD Superintendent Dr. Virginia Young and key figures like Latarsha Turner were present, emphasizing the district’s dedication to literacy and education.

The Mississippi Delta Council played a pivotal role by providing fresh fruits, ensuring that the children had nutritious snacks to enjoy while reading. The Coahoma County Extension, with planner Kellie Burke at the helm, was instrumental in organizing the event, ensuring it ran smoothly and effectively.

Several community organizations also contributed to the event’s success. Diane Lewis from the Live Help Mental Health Center offered support and resources, while the CCSD School Resource Officer (SRO) maintained a safe and secure environment, allowing everyone to focus on reading and enjoyment.

Bryant Shaved Ice’s snow cone truck added an element of fun, delighting children with refreshing treats during their reading breaks. Save The Children, dedicated to improving children’s lives through better education and health care, supported the event, underscoring the importance of literacy in child development.

The collective efforts of these organizations and individuals created a lively and engaging event, celebrating and encouraging literacy. This gathering not only provided a memorable day for the children but also reinforced the vital role of reading in their education and personal growth.

The CCSD Literacy event at the field exemplified the power of community collaboration in promoting a culture of reading and learning. With continued support from educators, community leaders, and organizations, the future of literacy in Coahoma County looks promising.

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