MVP3 Network streaming service providing platform for Coahoma County, other mid-south communities


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By Josh Troy

Clarksdale Advocate

In a time when actors and screenwriters are on strike in Hollywood, the MVP3 Network’s streaming service is providing a platform for entertainers, news outlets, and areas such as Coahoma County.

Marie Pizano is the owner of the MVP3 Network out of Memphis, Tenn., and is already producing two local films. One of the local films, “Hillbilly Bible,” will showcase music artists from Nashville to Memphis to Clarksdale.

The other local film, “Purple Church,” will be filmed in Clarksdale and will be dedicated in memory to the former Mayor, the late Bill Luckett.

Now, Clarksdale will have other opportunities through Pizano’s company. The MVP3 Network is providing different entities with their own channels. It is a streaming service with several categories and interests for everyone. She said her network is another option for those leaving Hollywood.

“We are building our own new ‘Hollywood of the South’ on integrity and doing the right thing,” Pizano said.

Pizano said the MVP3 network original series and distribution for Indy filmmakers, Pay-Per-View service, and news have the capability of live streaming. She added the network is creating and producing movies by Memphis authors and Indy filmmakers from those leaving Hollywood to come work with MVP3.

“The MVP3 Network has the ability to build out just like Netflix, Amazon Prime, YouTube, mainstream, and Pay-Per-View,” she said.

Pizano said the MVP3 Network studios have plans in place with the owner of the St. Paul 10,000 square foot building location to use it as its headquarters. It will also be the headquarters for the MVP3 Foundation and have production offices. Elisha Spencer, who has a background in information technology, film, directing, editing, writing, and producing, is the general manager. She has been in the TV industry for more than 10 years working for local networks.

“We will soon be in the process of recruiting news anchors to cover other cities while reporting news and setting up an office in DeSoto County and other cities in Mississippi,” she said.

Pizano said areas will have their own news reporting from Mississippi and branch out to cover the mid-south. Some of the other cities where there could be news reporting include Nashville, Tenn., Chicago, Ill., and Atlanta, Ga. She added there will be partnerships with college students, film and TV programs.

“We plan to go national and global covering news, but also showcasing channels from all over the world,” she said.

MVP3 has a theatrical partnership already with Malco Theatres.

“With our partnership with Church Health and their Memphis Plan and building education on finance for those in the arts with our ‘Finding Your Yes with Mind Body Soul campaign,’ we can build our own way to create proper health and benefits with wealth management for those in the arts and support those in arts and build a structure and jobs that are based on MVP3 integrity,” Pizano said.

Pizano talked about the many different opportunities entertainers have through the MVP3 Network.

“We are looking for those who have great stories and content of high quality who want to purchase their own TV show, series, and movies,” she said. “We also have room for podcasts and film shorts. We are building out our own music TV show with video streaming hosts.”

Pizano said the MVP3 Network is a grassroots effort, just like any streaming platform. Multiple channels can be built and uploaded.

“Everyone who has a channel reaches their audience and brings viewers in, and their viewers can binge on other content on other channels,” she said. “We just did the soft launch, and we have a lot of interest and people sending requests, but we are careful about what we allow on our network. We are about integrity and what is healthy for society.

“We partnered with other film distribution companies and are in the process of going through over 2,000 titles to find the right fit and viewing interests.”

Pizano said a community like Coahoma County could benefit from the platform.

“This is the beginning, and just like all platforms, we plan to market and promote this, and Clarksdale would highly benefit showcasing the musical talent and any Indy filmmaker with a good storyline that meets our criteria standards,” she said. “As long as there’s clearance, a film can be considered for a distribution deal with our network.”

More information about starting a channel can be found at or by emailing




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