QEP Initiative: Quality Enhancement Planning Committee Organizes Advising & Pre-Registration Event



Clarksdale, Mississippi – Today, the Quality Enhancement Planning Committee orchestrated an enlightening advising and pre-registration gathering for the summer and fall terms at the Zee A. Barron Student Union, situated within Coahoma Community College (CCC).

Inspired by Coahoma Community College’s “ROAD to Success: Revamping Orientation and Advisement Development” campaign, this endeavor reflects the college’s commitment to enhancing the academic journey for its students.

Focused on the Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP), this occasion serves as a pivotal component in CCC’s reaffirmation process. The QEP functions as a strategic initiative aimed at addressing specific issues affecting student learning and the overall academic milieu, fortifying the institution’s overarching objectives. Initially mandated for the “reaffirmation of Accreditation” in 2019, the QEP was formally introduced at CCC in 2020.

Engaging with advisors and enrolling for the upcoming semester are imperative stages in a student’s academic progression. Advisors serve as mentors, furnishing invaluable insights, support, and resources to assist students in navigating their educational journey effectively.

Through consultations with advisors, students can obtain tailored guidance aligned with their individual goals, ensuring they make informed decisions regarding their course selections, majors, and career aspirations.

The aim is to foster robust and enduring relationships between students and advisors, facilitating a smoother educational trajectory. Additionally, students had the chance to enroll for the upcoming 2024 summer and fall semesters during the event.

Throughout the event, students grappling with uncertainty regarding their majors will receive guidance, including valuable resources such as career assessment tests. These assessments furnish students with insightful feedback and clarity concerning their strengths, interests, and potential career trajectories.

For students contending with indecision, the QEP’s focus on career assessment presents a transformative opportunity to explore diverse academic and professional avenues. By discerning their passions and strengths through these assessments, students can make informed decisions about their majors, ultimately delineating a more focused and fulfilling academic expedition.

The event promotes open dialogue between students and advisors, empowering students to explore their chosen career paths. If students discern that their initial plans diverge from their interests or goals, the option to change majors is readily available.

As part of CCC’s QEP Plan, the college offers an orientation class every eight weeks and a dedicated advising event each semester. These endeavors underscore CCC’s dedication to furnishing a supportive and enriching academic milieu for its students.


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