Student Spotlight: Rio Bigstorm’s Journey at Coahoma



Clarksdale, Mississippi – In this week’s installment of Coahoma Community College’s “Faces of Coahoma,” we spotlight Rio Bigstorm, a freshman well integrated into campus life.

Originally from Houston, Texas, Bigstorm is pursuing a major in General Education, with eyes on a potential future in engineering. Recently, he sat down with the Communication Team to share his experiences at Coahoma Community College.

Having initially worked at a pharmacy, Bigstorm’s decision to pursue higher education stemmed from a conversation with his mother. Acting on her suggestion, he visited Coahoma Community College in Clarksdale, Mississippi, ultimately selecting it as his alma mater.

Bigstorm commends Coahoma for its dedicated faculty, who offer exceptional support to students throughout their academic journeys. Despite its modest size, the campus boasts a plethora of educational resources comparable to larger institutions, fostering a culture of curiosity and enthusiasm for learning.

Beyond academics, Bigstorm is an active member of the English Club, enthusiastically participating in its various activities. In his leisure time, he enjoys artistic pursuits like portraiture and painting, alongside indulging in his passion for skateboarding, which he views not just as a pastime but also as a practical mode of transport.

Inspired by his interests, Bigstorm aspires to a career in designing robotic prosthetics for individuals with disabilities. Transitioning from city life to Clarksdale was unexpectedly smooth for him, as he discovered the town to be a vibrant community teeming with activities and opportunities for social connection, complemented by its rich historical heritage.

Reflecting on his journey, Bigstorm urges prospective students to consider Coahoma Community College for its nurturing and individualized learning environment. He asserts that the institution’s dedication to education, coupled with the supportive faculty, make it an ideal choice for those seeking a quality education.

“In my opinion, if you’re seeking a college that offers a perfect balance of personalized attention and high-quality education, Coahoma is undoubtedly the place to be,” Bigstorm confidently concludes.


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