Celebrating Blues Music and Dedication: The Juke Joint Festival’s Miss Sarah and Red Paden Awards

Left to Right; Kate Murphy, Nan Hughes, and Meg Murphy accepting award on behalf of the late Ken Murphy

By Yasmine Malone | April 15, 2024

Clarksdale, Mississippi – On April 11, 2024, the soul-stirring melodies of blues music filled the historic New Roxy Theatre as the Juke Joint Festival proudly presented the Miss Sarah and Red Paden Awards. Established as a platform to recognize individuals whose steadfast commitment has left an indelible mark on blues music, tourism, Clarksdale, and the broader landscape of Mississippi, this event was a poignant celebration of dedication and legacy.

The evening reached its apex with the bestowment of the Red Paden Award, a distinguished honor named in memory of the beloved Red “Big Red” Paden. As the first award granted since his passing, the Red Paden Award held special significance, symbolizing the enduring impact of Paden’s passion and influence within the blues community. This year, the honor was posthumously bestowed upon the late commissioner Ken Murphy, a stalwart figure whose contributions resonated deeply. Ken Murphy’s plaque was tenderly accepted by his widow, Meg Murphy, and daughter, Kate Murphy, in a heartfelt tribute that honored his enduring legacy.

In addition to the Red Paden Award, several other esteemed accolades were conferred upon deserving recipients, including the prestigious Miss Sarah Award, US Award, International Flight Award, and Drummer Award. Each of these distinctions celebrated the invaluable contributions made by individuals who have dedicated themselves to the vibrancy and spirit of the Juke Joint Festival community.

The ceremony itself was a showcase of the festival’s global reach, drawing attendees from every corner of the world to pay homage to the exceptional achievements of the honorees. Amidst the jubilant atmosphere, I had the privilege of speaking with Derrick Kemp, who had the honor of presenting the Drummer Award. When asked about his impressions of the Juke Joint Festival, his response echoed the sentiments of many: “I feel good, it has grown a whole lot! If you would’ve seen this Juke Joint Festival 18 years ago and look where we are now. We would have never thought that it would get this big, but this just goes to show how with a little dedication anything can grow. I’m really happy about how it’s turned out.”

Indeed, the Juke Joint Festival stands as a celebration of the transformative power of dedication and passion, uniting individuals from diverse backgrounds in celebration of the music and culture that define the soul of Mississippi. As the echoes of blues music continue to reverberate through the streets of Clarksdale, the legacy of individuals like Ken Murphy and the spirit of the festival itself serve as enduring reminders of the profound impact that can be achieved through unwavering commitment and collective celebration.


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