Clarksdale City Council Meeting Highlights: Event Approvals and Renovations


BY: Yasmine Malone | June 24, 2024

Clarksdale, Mississippi – On Friday, June 21, 2024, the Clarksdale City Council convened for its regular meeting, addressing several significant updates regarding upcoming events and city renovations. Here are the key takeaways from the session:

Free Vision Camp at Clarksdale Expo Center

A highlight of the meeting was the announcement of a free vision camp to be hosted by the Sai Sanjeevani Medical Center at the Clarksdale Expo Center. This initiative will provide local residents with free eye exams and eyeglasses. While the exact date of the event has yet to be announced, it promises to be a valuable service to the community, enhancing eye health and accessibility for all.

Myrtle Hall Family and Youth Division Demolition

The council discussed the potential demolition and removal of the old Myrtle Hall Family and Youth Division. This proposal is currently under consideration and awaits further review by city officials. The decision will impact the redevelopment plans and future use of the site.

New Planning Commissioner Appointment

In another significant move, Charles Sledge was appointed as the new planning commissioner for Ward 4. Sledge’s appointment is expected to bring fresh perspectives and dedicated service to the planning commission, contributing to the ward’s growth and development.

Waiver of Permit Fees for Home Renovation Grants

The city council also voted to waive permit fees for properties that have been approved for home renovation grants. This decision aims to encourage home improvements and facilitate smoother renovations for grant recipients, thereby improving housing standards and community aesthetics.

Civic Auditorium Roof Repair

The Civic Auditorium is set to receive much-needed roof repairs, with renovations scheduled to commence soon. This project underscores the city’s commitment to maintaining its public facilities, ensuring they remain safe and functional for community events and gatherings.

Following these discussions, the city council moved into an executive session, concluding the public portion of their meeting.

These updates reflect the city council’s ongoing efforts to enhance community services, support local development, and maintain essential public infrastructure.


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