Barbershop Talk: An Evening of Connection and Dialogue


By: Yasmine Malone | June 25, 2024

Clarksdale, Mississippi – On June 13, 2024, Antris Perkins, executive director of Heart of Gold Consulting, hosted Barbershop Talk, an event designed to foster open dialogue and camaraderie among men. The event was attended by 20 gentlemen from various age groups who engaged in meaningful conversations, laughter, card games, and enjoyed refreshments.

The evening’s discussion focused on several crucial topics: vulnerability, self-care, accountability, brotherhood, mental capacity, and stress management. Facilitated by a panel of men, the dialogue was well-received by the attendees, who shared wisdom, tools, and perspectives with one another.

In an interview, Antris Perkins shared her vision for the event. She explained, “The goal for the event was to provide a safe space for men to gather and engage in open dialogue about the challenges and expectations they face daily. It was also aimed at encouraging men to talk about their mental health and their needs. My goal is to continuously create change by providing people with opportunities to have healthy and effective communication in a nonjudgmental and safe space.”

Events like Barbershop Talk offer an invaluable opportunity to build healthy, constructive relationships across generations of men in the Delta. They serve as an organic means of fostering community relations, particularly in terms of leadership and role models for local teens.

Sam Marshall, a local fitness trainer, shared his thoughts on the impact of such events. He remarked, “By showing the youth that they have good options available to them and demonstrating the fruits of our labor, we can inspire them and provide clear reasons for why they should follow our example.”

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