Coahoma Community College Choir Nominated for Community Choir of the Year


The Coahoma Community College Choir, renowned for their exceptional musical prowess, has earned a well-deserved nomination for Community Choir of the Year. This esteemed recognition highlights their dedication and talent, showcasing the choir’s significant impact on the community through the power of music.

To secure this prestigious award, the choir is calling on its supporters to cast their votes. Click the link below to access the voting form and contribute to their journey towards victory.

Vote for Coahoma Community College Choir

Your participation is crucial, and it is essential to complete the entire form for your submission to be counted. The Community Choir of the Year category is number 12 on the ballot, so be sure to locate it and show your support.

Every vote brings the Coahoma Community College Choir one step closer to clinching this remarkable achievement. Your involvement will not only contribute to their success but also underscore the community’s appreciation for the arts and the positive impact of cultural endeavors.

Thank you in advance for your support, and let’s join hands in celebrating the talent and dedication of the Coahoma Community College Choir. Together, we can help them bring home the title of Community Choir of the Year!

Photo and Content credit: CCC


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