Empowering Communities: CCSD Takes a Stand Against Bullying


In a proactive effort to address the crucial issues of bullying and cyberbullying, Superintendent Young and her dedicated district team recently engaged with students at CCJSHS. The comprehensive discussion covered topics ranging from the consequences of such behavior to The New County’s overarching goals and expectations. The result? Many students left the meeting inspired to make a positive impact.

The commitment to fostering a safe and respectful environment didn’t stop there. On the same day, the Coshoma County School District’s (CCSD) District Leadership Team, joined by CCSD principals and assistants, extended the dialogue to parents at FPES and JES during an exclusive meeting. The purpose was to provide parents with insights into the discussions held with their children earlier in the day.

During the parents-only gathering, Dr. Young and her team facilitated an interactive session where parents were not only informed but actively engaged. Vital questions were raised, allowing for a collaborative approach to understanding and combating bullying. Dr. Young emphasized the district’s open-door policy, encouraging parents with specific concerns to reach out directly, fostering a transparent and communicative partnership.

As the CCSD continues its commitment to promoting a safe and inclusive learning environment, Superintendent Young hinted at more initiatives in the pipeline. The community is urged to stay tuned, highlighting the ongoing dedication to proactive measures against bullying in all its forms.

Photos By: CCSD


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