Sunflower River Walk Will Bring New Outdoor Recreation to Clarksdale


BY: Yasmine Malone | May 29, 2024

Clarksdale, Mississippi—Coahoma Collective and the City of Clarksdale are overseeing the beautification of the Sunflower River through a project known as the “River Walk.” The land surrounding the river will be renovated to make the scenery more pleasing and useful for locals and tourists. This project will create an outdoor experience that Clarksdale citizens can be proud of and will nurture the local wildlife.

The River Walk will include a two-mile pathway on both sides of the river, a pedestrian bridge across the Sunflower River, signs identifying flowers and native animals, an orientation center, and more.

This project has emerged as a pioneer in the development of the Revitalize Clarksdale effort. Local surveys indicate that public opinion tends to lean towards the view that Revitalize Clarksdale prioritized the wants of tourists over the preferences of current Clarksdale citizens. With that in mind, this project aims to bring the city together like never before. It will improve the quality of life for Clarksdale citizens by providing free outdoor recreation, with local input being a crucial aspect of the project’s development.

Chuck and Ann Williams, leaders of Coahoma Collective, have hosted public opinion sessions to gather input from the community. A busload of students from Clarksdale High School joined them. Chuck Williams stated, “In the long run, we want kids to be interested in coming to use it. The kids that were able to come did affirm that this was something they would love to use.”

Coahoma Collective is a nonprofit organization catalyzing arts-driven, community-inclusive revitalization in downtown Clarksdale, Mississippi. They partner with many individuals and organizations in the community to ensure nature and art are nurtured throughout the city’s continued development landscape.

This project is made possible through various local and national partners.

Visit Coahoma Collective to learn more.


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