City of Clarksdale to Sue Atmos Energy Company for Discriminatory Practices



May 28, 2024

Clarksdale, Mississippi — The Board of Mayor and Commissioners of Clarksdale, Mississippi has voted to initiate legal action against Atmos Energy Company alleging discriminatory practices in their street repair protocols. This decision comes after mounting concerns over the company’s unequal treatment of street cuts to repair gas lines in different communities in the Mississippi Delta.

The City of Clarksdale contends that Atmos Energy Company has been systematically neglecting the quality of street repairs in Delta communities compared to more affluent areas. Specifically, the company has been filling street cuts in Delta neighborhoods with limestone, a less durable material, instead of repaving the streets as they do in wealthier areas of the state. This practice has raised serious concerns about safety, infrastructure integrity, and equity within the city.

Mayor Espy expressed deep concern over these discrepancies, stating, “In the Delta, they will just do anything they want without regard to adhering to the fidelity of the infrastructure. It is unacceptable for Atmos Energy to provide substandard repairs in our communities while affording better quality services to more affluent areas. All citizens of Clarksdale and the Delta deserve equitable treatment and respect, and this lawsuit is a necessary step to ensure that.”

The City of Clarksdale’s legal team is preparing to file the lawsuit, aiming to compel Atmos Energy Company to adhere to uniform standards of street repair across all communities. The Commissioners and Mayor are committed to fighting for fair and equitable treatment for all residents of Mississippi.

Residents who have experienced issues with street repairs are encouraged to contact the City to provide further evidence of these discriminatory practices.


Chuck Espy (D)

Mayor of Clarksdale, MS


About the City of Clarksdale:
The City of Clarksdale is dedicated to promoting the well-being and quality of life for all its residents through effective governance, transparent practices, and a commitment to equity and justice.


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