“The Beauty of a Rainbow” tea to be held



Mound Bayou, Miss., August 9, 2023 –  Missionary president, Janice Miller announced today that the  Missionary Society of the Mound Bayou First Baptist Church will hold an afternoon tea, “The Beauty of a Rainbow,” on Sunday, August 20, 2023, at 4:00 pm, at the First Baptist Church, 301 N West Main Avenue, in Mound Bayou.

According to Miller, this event will be hosted by members of the First Baptist Church’s Missionary Society who have been assigned colors of the rainbow.  “Each color of the rainbow represents a characteristic or promise of God,” said Miller.  “For example, the color red stands for the shedding of Christ’s blood to atone for the sins of man.  At a rainbow tea, each table is assigned a different color to be used for the décor and the food, as well,” continued Miller.

“It is our intent to turn the L. J. Jordan Fellowship Hall into a gaily decorated room in a rainbow hue of colors,” stated Delores Jackson, the treasurer of the organization.   “It is very important that the attire for the afternoon is in the same color as the table,” stated Jackson.   Missionary member, DeVoyce Morris stated, “Food is also a very important element when decorating our rainbow tea tables.”  “ Each table must feature a wide variety of foods–all in the color assigned,” said Morris.  “For example, a yellow table might feature lemonade, lemon-chicken skewers, yellow squash, mac ‘n cheese,  and lemon pie for dessert,” stated Morris.  “A red table might offer red Jell-O, a red soup, red meat and fruit punch,” she further stated.

“There are no ticket sales for the tea; however, donations will be accepted,” said Miller.  “Above all, we want the public to come out and join us for delicious foods, fun and fellowship,” she said.

First Baptist Church is the oldest church in Mound Bayou.  It was established in 1888, just one  year following the founding of the town of Mound Bayou.  In December, the church will celebrate 135 years of existence.  Earl V. Hall, Sr. has been pastor of First Baptist Church for the past 30 years.  On June 4, 2023, the members honored his tenure as pastor with a celebratory program in his honor.

Contact:  DeVoyce C. Morris

Phone:  662-719-0090

Email:  projectascend@yahoo.com


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